Control/measuring system for Continuous Casting Machine

  • RAMON Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and was the first one to innovate pilot enterprises in Hunan Province in 2008. RAMON specializes in research and development of automatic measurement and control technology in continuous casting process.
  • Main Products
    • Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System
    • Dynamic Soft Reduction / Liquid Core Detection system
    • Vibration/Electromagnetic Ladle Slag Detection / BOF Slag Detection System
    • Automatic Mould Level Control System (Level measurement & Stopper control)
    • Automatic Marking/Stamping Machine
    • Automatic Cut-in length Control System
    • Online Thickness Measurement System
    • Automatic Powder Feeding System
  • Applications: Steel making, Continuous casting & Rolling mill process
  • Homepage: http://www.ramon.com.cn/en